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Crafting simulation




Make tenons

Make a bludgeon

Make a staff

Make a rondache

Make a club

Make a stake

Make a wooden targe

Make clogs

Make a mallet

Make a wooden bowl

Make a wooden heater shield

Make a wooden kite shield

Make a wooden pavise

Make wooden trims


Make a table

Make a bed

Carve a wooden artwork

Make a counter

Make a throne

Carve a wooden statue

Make knock-down furniture

Make noble furniture


Make a short bow

Make a long bow

Vehicule making

Make a cart

Make an amphibian lowbeds

Make a sleigh

Make a lowbeds

Runic woodworking

Make a Rune Scepter

Craft a targepic

Make a runic short bow

Advanced archery

Sculpt wood a bow back

Make a bow belly

Make a short composite bow

Make a composite long bow



Assemble a plank wall

Assemble a framework

Assemble a foundation

Assemble a shingle roof

Assemble an insulated wall

Assemble pile foundation

Assemble a thatched roof

Assemble a slate roof

Assemble a wall of logs

Assemble a fortification

Assemble a tower

Norstrian carpentry

Assemble a norstrian frame

Assemble a norstrian wall

Assemble a norstrian pile



Stone carving

Sculpt a grindstone

Sculpt a stone club

Sculpt a mortar and pestle

Sculpt a cupel

Sculpt a battle hammer

Make a stone sculpture

Sculpt stone trims

Sculpt a statue

Sculpt a scepter mace

Runic sculpture

Sculpt a runic mortar and pestle

Make a sceptorunic mace

Sculpt a sceptrotoxic mace



Build a stone wall

Build a vault

Build a foundation

Build a tower

Build a fortification

Build a well

Build a dome

Megalithic masonry

Build a megalithic foundation

Build a megalithic wall

Build a megalithic tower

Build a megalithic fortification

Build a megalithic vault

Build a pilaster

Build a megalithic dome




Cast stone chisels

Cast a mace

Cast a sieve

Cast an awl

Cast a pickaxe

Cast a blacksmith's hammer

Cast a battle hammer

Cast a flail

Cast a morning star

Cast a flanged mace

Cast a war hammer

Cast metal trims

Cast a metal statue

Mold a scepter

Massive casting

Cast a metal wall

Cast a metal harrow

Runic casting

Cast a runic blacksmith's hammer

Cast a runic pickaxe

Cast a runic sieve

Cast a runic awl



Forge blades

Forge fasteners

Forge a spade

Forge a scraper

Forge a trowel

Forge a hunting knife

Forge a billhook

Forge a stone chisel

Forge a pitch fork

Forge an axe

Forge a saw

Forge armor rivets

Forge files

Forge scissors

Forge compasses

Forge a scalpel

Forge jewelry pliers

Forge a thief's tools


Forge a dagger

Forge a hand axe

Forge a spear

Forge a pike

Forge a bardiche

Forge a short sword

Forge a battle axe

Forge a longsword

Forge a war axe

Forge a stiletto

Forge a saber

Forge a halberd

Forge a rapier

Forge a ranseur

Forge a battle spear


Forge a nasal cervelliere

Forge a rondache

Forge a targe

Forge a heater shield

Forge a kite shield

Forge plate gloves

Forge a pavise

Forge a camail with cerveliere

Forge plate legs

Forge plate arms

Forge a bascinet

Forge a plate chest

Harnois armorsmith

Forge metal gauntlet

Forge harnois arms

Forge harnois legs

Forge harnois boots

Forge an armet

Forge a harnois chest

Forge an astrishield

Runic forge

Forge a runic knife

Forge a runic billhook

Forge a runic compasses

Forge a runic fork

Forge a runic axe

Forge a runic trowel

Forge a runic scraper

Forge a runic saw

Forge a runic spade

Forge a runic stone chisel

Forge runic jewelry pliers

Forge runic scissors

Forge an iceslicer

Forge a shadowsaber

Forge runic harnois arms

Forge runic harnois legs

Forge a runic harnois helm

Forge runic harnois boots

Forge runic harnois gauntlet

Forge a runic harnois chest




Sew a coif

Sew a hat

Sew a short shirt

Sew a short cape

Plait a bowstring

Sew a camisole

Sew a shirt

Sew pants

Sew a long cape

Sew a wallcloth

Sew a fabric faulds

Assemble a roofcloth

Sew crakows

Sew a short tabard

Sew an apron

Sew a lined cape

Sew a banner

Sew a long tabard

Sew fabric trims

Plait a cable

Sew a checked tabard

Mail weaving

Weave mail legs

Weave mail arms

Weave mail gloves

Weave a mail chest

Weave a camail


Sew a Mistyon faulds

Sew a Mistyon tabard

Sew a Highonar hat

Sew a Hirouldian hood

Sew a Galidjian hat

Sew Simalian pants

Sew a Lankarian cape

Sew Lankarian pants

Sew a Lankarian hat

Sew a Lankarian skirt

Sew a Lankarian tabard

Sew a Lankarian blouse

Sew a Simalian tabard

Sew a Simalian skirt

Sew a Simalian hat

Sew a Simalian cape

Sew a Simalian blouse

Sew an imperial tunic

Sew leonigold pants

Sew a leonigold blouse


Leather Armory

Make a leather coif

Make leather gloves

Make leather crakows

Make a leather whip

Make a leather spangenhelm

Make a leather jacket

Make leather arms

Make studded leather gloves

Make leather legs

Make short leather boots

Make a leather barbute

Make a leather chest

Make high leather boots

Make studded leather arms

Make studded leather boots

Make studded leather legs

Make a studded leather barbute

Make a studded leather chest

Make scale boots

Make scale arms

Make leather trims

Make scale legs

Make mail boots

Make scale armor

Make a Scale Helm

Make plate boots

Runic Tanning

Make a runic whip


Glass blowing

Blow a glass ampoule

Blow a glass jar

Blow a small glass bottle

Blow a glass flask

Blow a glass jug

Blow glass trims

Blow a glass dome

Blow a Glassberd

Blow a horn

Blow an yggdracin

Blow a mirror targe




Concoct a healing ampoule

Concoct a regeneration ampoule

Concoct a mobility ampoule

Concoct an endurance ampoule

Concoct a meticulousness ampoule

Concoct a dexterity ampoule

Concoct a coordination ampoule

Concoct a vision ampoule

Concoct an intelligence ampoule

Concoct a healing vial

Concoct a regeneration vial

Concoct a mobility vial

Concoct an endurance vial

Concoct a meticulousness vial

Concoct a dexterity vial

Concoct a coordination vial

Concoct a vision vial

Concoct an intelligence vial

Runic potion

Concoct a healing horn

Concoct a regeneration horn

Concoct a mobility horn

Concoct an endurance horn

Concoct a meticulousness horn

Concoct a dexterity horn

Concoct a coordination horn

Concoct a vision horn

Concoct an intelligence horn


Prepare a feed of the elements

Mix a feed of conflicts

Prepare a feed of the living

Mix a feed of societies

Prepare a feed of the moon

Prepare a feed of the sun


Soak a minor poison

Soak a piercing poison

Soak a scratching poison

Soak in beat poison



Bone carving

Carve a bone needle

Carve bone trims




Devise a plane

Devise a magnifying glass

Devise a compass

Devise a bellows

Devise a telescope

Devise a still

Devise a merchant's scale

Devise a spying kit

Devise a crossbow


Devise a sewing table

Devise a scaffolding

Devise a rail system for stones

Devise an experimentation table

Devise a cabinetmaker's bench

Devise tanning frames

Devise a safe

Devise a captaltar

Devise a butcher's table

Devise a stove

Devise a rail system for ore

Devise an oven

Devise a jeweler's workbench

Devise a trap

Design a fence

Devise a bookcase

Devise a cutting winch

Devise a crane

Devise a sawmill

Devise a hoist

Devise a forge

Devise an engineer's desk

Devise a plants dryer

Design a course

Devise an irrigation system

Devise a hand mill

Devise a conveyor

Devise a forgery table

Devise a bull-powered mill

Devise a dummy

Devise a windmill

Devise a watermill

Devise a samponar

Bricolum runak

Devise a runic compass

Devise a runic plane

Devise a runic spying case

Devise a runic scale

Devise a runic still

Devise a runic bellows

Machienum runak

Devise a runic sawmill

Devise a runic fence

Devise a runic course

Devise a runic oven

Devise a runic experimentation table

Devise a runic butcher's table

Devise a runic cutting winch

Devise a runic plant dryer

Devise a runic irrigation system

Devise a runic tanning frames

Devise a runic captaltar

Devise a runic sewing table

Devise a runic hoist

Devise runic rails for ore

Devise runic rails for stone

Devise a runic bookcase

Devise a runic trap

Devise a runic cabinetmaker's bench

Devise a runic forgery table

Devise a runic crane

Devise a runic stove

Devise a runic scaffolding

Devise a runic jewelry bench

Devise a runic forge

Devise a runic engineer's desk

Devise a runic hand mill

Devise a runic dummy

Devise a runic conveyor

Devise a runic bull mill

Devise a runic samponar

Devise a runic windmill

Devise a runic watermill



Create charcoal

Create fortified cement

Assemble a minor membrane

Assemble a dartrepulsor membrane

Assemble a bladerepulsor membrane

Assemble a macerepulsor membrane


Prepare an exploration balm

Prepare a herbalism balm

Prepare a horticulture balm

Prepare a jewelry balm

Prepare a forge balm

Prepare an archeology balm

Prepare a stonecutting balm

Prepare a metascience balm

Prepare an alchemy balm

Prepare a woodcutting balm

Prepare a tanning balm

Prepare a sewing balm

Prepare a breeding balm

Prepare a prospection balm

Prepare a masonry balm

Prepare an extraction balm

Prepare a woodworking balm

Prepare a carpentry balm

Prepare a spying balm

Prepare a botany balm

Prepare a foundrywork balm

Prepare a taming balm

Prepare a hunting balm

Prepare a commerce balm

Prepare an engineering balm

Prepare a blunt defense balm

Prepare a slashing defense balm

Prepare a piercing defense balm

Prepare a leadership balm

Prepare a piercing offense balm

Prepare a slashing offense balm

Prepare a blunt offense balm

Prepare a balm of the sun

Prepare a balm of the moon

Mixtionner un baume de confiance